May 2017 Table of Contents

Not from here

The adoration in the rooms helps a

youthful Pakistani alcoholic see that

he’s not as remarkable as he thought

Uproarious and clear for printable calendar 2017

A lesbian with outrageous hearing misfortune

discovers that regardless of how diverse

she feels, in the event that she needs to get calm,

she has a place

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Never excessively old

A delegate from Canada reminds

us not to disregard our May 2017 Calendar

octogenarian individuals

My conviction, your conviction

A part shares about his own

otherworldly voyage in AA and says we

all need time to discover our place

Blessed smoke, what now!

Almost a large portion of a century back, our

prime supporter communicated a couple

musings about youngsters and


Minister with a mystery

Following a couple of months calm, he knew

the time had come to tell the gathering how

diverse he was. Would they let

him remain?

Full range

A current seat of the General

Benefit Board shares his musings

about differing qualities

Steps and Traditions

Simply tuning in

Despite the fact that apprehensive to take a seat with a

lady she didn’t have an inkling, she had

time, involvement and with God’s

help, an open ear

Not certain yet

A past delegate offers how his

aggregate invites newcomers who

don’t yet know whether they have a place

Profound Awakenings

Essentially surrender

The profound association she

urgently looked for a considerable length of time

showed up when she discovered AA

Our Personal Stories

Undesirable guest

From his jail cell, a part

expounds on the nerve racking

smashed night despite everything he can’t review

A significant impression

A number of us have a despicable

family occasion we never need to

keep in mind—or overlook. This one thundered


Piggly Wiggly

Indeed, even as a child, this residential area

alcoholic couldn’t stop once he

begun. Presently he can’t get enough of


Passionate Sobriety

Straightforward and great

With a touch of mustard, one part

arranges up a wiener simply like he

does his balance


New measurements

After numerous years in AA, she

found the Third Legacy and

her balance launched

March 2017 Calendar

March 2017 is very good time for us that remember us about the holiday of holy, dolyatra. This day every person very enjoy they never forget this day. They only wait in a year for this day of march 2017. In march 2017 we never forget the players like Saina Nehwal who born in 17th march 1990 she is the badminton singles player from India the former world no.1 who able to maintains her world records top 10 in 2009. We never forget that she won twenty international titles for India and ten superseries title. After Prakash Padukone every person knows saina who represents India three times winning the bronze medal for her second appearances. She also awarded Indian‘s third civilian award Padma Bhushan.


March 2017 we never forget the cricketer Parthiv Patel who born on 9th march 1985, after Sachin he was the Indian cricketer with very young age. We never forget Indian cricketer Madan lal born in 20th march 1951 who appeared in the 1983 world cup final when our India won the first world cup. He scored 17 runs in 1983 world cup and his one six shot is memorable to every Indian. This time every Indian never forget Madan lal because he bowling 12overs which he gives 31runs and takes 2maidens. This time he is the highest wicket-taker with Mahinder amaranth from India for winning the world cup. In march 2017 of 30th march is a very memorable day for us because 30th march 2011 every Indian have a great tension that India defeated Pakistan in semi-final or not. But this day is the important day that India defeated Pakistan in the world cup semi-final 2011. In this semi-final match, we never forget Sachin Tendulkar 85 runs and Yuvraj Singh 2wickets we never forget because only for them India wins the world cup 2011 semi-final match. Otherwise, the March month remembers us that March 2016 abnormally warm month on the record so many people thought what happened in march 2017? The many talented people’s Madan lal, Parthiv Patel born in March month that we must remember. We also remembered the world cup2011 semi-final 30th march that our India won. So, 30th march memorable day for us. In March month we enjoy with holi very much. March 2017 helps the employees for maintaining their schedule dates for achieving their targets. March is the month which gives an opportunity to the businessman for gain more profit. This time many people go for a long tour. So, March month we never forget. Thank You.