Not from here

The adoration in the rooms helps a

youthful Pakistani alcoholic see that

he’s not as remarkable as he thought

Uproarious and clear for printable calendar 2017

A lesbian with outrageous hearing misfortune

discovers that regardless of how diverse

she feels, in the event that she needs to get calm,

she has a place

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Never excessively old

A delegate from Canada reminds

us not to disregard our May 2017 Calendar

octogenarian individuals

My conviction, your conviction

A part shares about his own

otherworldly voyage in AA and says we

all need time to discover our place

Blessed smoke, what now!

Almost a large portion of a century back, our

prime supporter communicated a couple

musings about youngsters and


Minister with a mystery

Following a couple of months calm, he knew

the time had come to tell the gathering how

diverse he was. Would they let

him remain?

Full range

A current seat of the General

Benefit Board shares his musings

about differing qualities

Steps and Traditions

Simply tuning in

Despite the fact that apprehensive to take a seat with a

lady she didn’t have an inkling, she had

time, involvement and with God’s

help, an open ear

Not certain yet

A past delegate offers how his

aggregate invites newcomers who

don’t yet know whether they have a place

Profound Awakenings

Essentially surrender

The profound association she

urgently looked for a considerable length of time

showed up when she discovered AA

Our Personal Stories

Undesirable guest

From his jail cell, a part

expounds on the nerve racking

smashed night despite everything he can’t review

A significant impression

A number of us have a despicable

family occasion we never need to

keep in mind—or overlook. This one thundered


Piggly Wiggly

Indeed, even as a child, this residential area

alcoholic couldn’t stop once he

begun. Presently he can’t get enough of


Passionate Sobriety

Straightforward and great

With a touch of mustard, one part

arranges up a wiener simply like he

does his balance


New measurements

After numerous years in AA, she

found the Third Legacy and

her balance launched


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